We work very hard, every day of the week to create games that teleport you to another world. It's hard, being such a small team, but we are getting better at it, every day.

Daniel Rodil

Founder, programmer and 3D modeller. Currently playing: I Am Setsuna, and The Longest Journey.

Xochitl Díaz

Joined us in 2016. Designer, artist and 3D modeller. Currently playing: Diner Dash and Buggy Beach Racer.

Eblen Macari

Founding member, Musician and tech researcher. Currently playing: FFIX and Resident Evil 2.

Our games are meant to be played by anyone, therefore they are not expensive and when free they have no Ads, because we are part of the Brain Aware Initiative. If you would like to support us in some other way, because our games mean something to you, you can always...

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